Here's what the Community is saying about Juan Thomas


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"What’s refreshing about Democrat Juan Thomas is that he doesn’t treat every word from Illinois Democratic leaders as gospel. For example, while he generally supports Gov. J.B. Pritkzer’s push for a graduated income tax, he wants assurances that the new billions of dollars in revenue would provide homeowners with property tax relief and give schools more funding. “I want to see a commitment that it will be used for what it was intended for,” he says. He also advocates meaningful redistricting reform and giving the responsibility of filling vacant legislative seats to voters instead of party bosses. His opponent, incumbent Barbara Hernandez, was appointed in March 2019 to replace her mentor, Linda Chapa LaVia. Hernandez had worked in Chapa LaVia’s office since interning for her while a teenager, and then becoming her chief of staff. Thomas, who’s better prepared to represent the Aurora-based district, is endorsed" – Chicago Tribune, February 20th, 2020

"Hernandez' decision to continue serving on the county board while assuming her duties in the state legislature violates our core belief that no elected official should hold more than one office at a time. Hernandez gave up her county salary, but says she kept her seat because she wanted to protect her constituents and feared county board Chairman Chris Lauzen would appoint a "fake Democrat" to fill her seat. Her county board term will expire next fall, but by then she will have served two masters for the better part of two years and that's simply too long." " Thomas, meanwhile, is a strong challenger who will represent his party well in November. Thomas is endorsed." – Daily Herald, February 26, 2020

Hands down, Juan Thomas is the better qualified candidate in this Democratic primary to advocate for the people of the 83rd District, which includes Aurora and North Aurora. – Chicago Sun-Times, February 27th

William “Bill” Catching

Aurora Township Supervisor

Bill Catching

Juan Thomas is the clear choice in the Democratic primary to be our next elected representative for the 83rd District.  Juan has been a leader in our community for many years as well as a leader on the state and national level.  He has been tested and we need his experience and leadership to represent us in Springfield.

Carl Franco

City of Aurora 5th Ward Alderman

Aurora Alderman Photoshoot 2019, Photography by LeVern A. Danley IIIwww.LeVernDanley.com

As the Alderman for the 5th Ward in Aurora, I’m looking for someone who has the ability to work with me to bring state resources for economic development projects to the far west side of town.  As our next State Representative, I strongly believe Juan Thomas has the experience and knowledge to be that leader and partner for the City of Aurora.

Kimberly Hatchett

East Aurora School District 131 School Board Member


Juan first began his community service in Aurora by serving on the West Aurora School Board. Juan traveled two hours each way while still in law school to serve on the school board. Since that time, he has continued to be a leader in Aurora, throughout the State of Illinois, and nationally. As a former school board member, Juan Thomas knows the importance of supporting our public schools. He will be a strong advocate and champion for the children of Aurora.

Sherman Jenkins

City of Aurora Adlerman-At-Large


I have known Juan Thomas for over 25 years. He has the background and experience Aurora needs to be an effective leader for the second-largest city in Illinois. Juan will use his experience as a lawyer, small business owner, community leader, and local official to deliver the resources and opportunities to support Aurora’s economic development initiatives and the broader local community. 

Anita Lewis

Kane County Board District 3

Anita Lewis Headshot

I am supporting Juan Thomas because Juan is an advocate for economic empowerment, education, and healthy families and the community. Juan has the life and work experience along with strong relationships locally and across the state to hit the ground running in Springfield.

Bill Powell

Retired Chief of Aurora Police Department

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Last year, Aurora experienced a mass shooting at the Pratt Corporation. We need to do more to make sure such tragic, horrific incidents never happen again – anywhere.

Juan Thomas will fight for common sense gun safety laws that license all gun dealers; require background checks to purchase a gun – even at gun shows, and stop the flow of  illegal guns into the hands of criminals by ending straw sales – the violation of which would end in forfeiture of a dealer’s license.

Scott Voris

Lifelong Aurora resident and community leader


I went to school with Juan at Washington Jr. High and West Aurora High School. I have served on community boards with Juan, and have been friends with Juan for over 35 years. Juan is incredibly committed to the success of the Aurora. I enthusiastically support him to represent our community in Springfield. Juan is a strong champion for Aurora.

Karen Lorence

Anita Lewis

Sherman Jenkins