Fighting for the 83rd District


Cutting Property Taxes

If politicians' action ever matched their lip service’ about property taxes, it would be reflected in our bills. Sadly, this is not the case. Ever spiraling property taxes are driving families out of Illinois. Year after year working men and women and small business owners are expected to pay higher taxes and accept cuts in services. We can change this.

Two-thirds of Illinois’ most profitable corporations pay no state taxes of any kind – not a dime. (Fair Economy Illinois study 2013; IL Department of Revenue Report 2012)

As a result, the state loses millions of dollars in revenues each year; forcing working families and individuals to pay higher taxes, just so these corporate deadbeats can continue receiving ‘special sweetheart tax breaks.” 

If corporations simply paid their fair share of taxes, the rest of us wouldn’t have to face the choice of runaway tax bills or cuts in local services or both. 

It’s time we close these corporate tax loopholes; make these companies pay their fair share for roads, bridges, water infrastructure, schools and more, so we can finally provide real tax relief to homeowners. 

Ending Illinois' Fiscal Crisis

Illinois faces a true fiscal crisis that needs to be solved. But we can no longer ask working men and women and small businesses to pick up the tab for Springfield’s failures. 

The state should consider placing a one-fifth of one penny tax on all the stock sales, trades and purchases of Multi-Billion-dollar hedge funds and giant investment banks, for three to five years. 

Doing so, could raise between $10 - $13 Billion each year, without increasing taxes on working families one cent.

This would raise the revenue needed to address the state’s $111 billion deficit and meet pension obligations and simultaneously, raise Illinois’ credit and bond rating. 

Creating Quality Job Opportunities

Illinois should be a place where every family – regardless of their zip code – has a full opportunity to thrive and share in the economic recovery. 

But Juan Thomas believes that vision is fading. Too many people in our area have lost jobs and many who are fortunate enough to have work, find that they are working harder than ever and still slipping further behind.

Juan believes we already have plenty of MBA’s and Certified Financial Analysts and that what we really need are more welders, electricians, carpenters and plumbers. 

We can create thousands of good paying jobs – jobs that pay family wages – rebuilding Illinois’ infrastructure from roads and bridges to environmentally friendly power grids and safe drinking water systems.

As our next State Representative, Juan Thomas will work to reinvest in vocational training and related educational programs in high schools and community colleges – programs that prepare kids or those seeking training for entry into construction and industrial trades.

Taking Guns From Criminals and Gangs

Last year, Aurora experienced a mass shooting at the Pratt Corporation. We need to do more to make sure such tragic, horrific incidents never happen again – anywhere.

Juan Thomas will fight for common sense gun safety laws that license all gun dealers; require background checks to purchase a gun – even at gun shows, and stop the flow of  illegal guns into the hands of criminals by ending straw sales – the violation of which would end in forfeiture of a dealer’s license.

The number of children killed by guns in one year could fill 126 classrooms of 20 students each. It’s time we stand up to the gun lobby and say, ENOUGH!

We Can Lower The Cost Of Prescription Medicine

No one should ever have to face a choice of buying food or paying for medicine. Like-wise, no one should ever have to ration their medicines – taking less than the prescribed amount because they can’t afford it.

Juan Thomas believes the state can do two things immediately to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

‘Pay-To-Delay’ is a practice where big pharmaceutical companies pay-off smaller, generic drug manufacturers, to keep their cheaper drugs off the market so big pharma can continue charging outrageous prices as long as possible. Juan Thomas believes it’s time to end this rip-off of consumers and patients. As our next state representative Juan will introduce legislation outlawing Pay To Delay once and for all.

Juan also believes the state of Illinois could contract with smaller drug companies to manufacture the most commonly used medicines under a state brand – forcing big Pharma to lower its prices through competition.

Fighting Domestic Violence and Abuse

Every nine seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten by someone she knows or a spouse. One in every four women were either a victim of sexual abuse or know someone close who was.

Juan Thomas is a committed leader in the fight against domestic violence and sexual abuse.

He served on the board of “Mutual Ground” – a local domestic violence shelter – where he volunteered his time for over six years providing free legal services to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Juan Thomas will support funding for testing of every rape kit to clear the backlog that has allowed violent predators to escape justice and, he will lead the effort to provide state funding for domestic violence shelters and mental and physical healthcare services for survivors.